sohigh otherway bang

She’s so high

15 octobre 1990 – UK(48)

She’s so high, I know, Down, Sing,I know (extended)

There’s no other way

15 avril 1991 – UK(8)

There’s no other way, Inertia, Mr Briggs, I’m all over, There’s no other way (Blur remix), Won’t do it, Day upon day (live), There’s no other way (extended version)


29 juillet 1991 – UK(24)

Bang, Explain, Luminous, Berserk, Bang (extended), Uncle love




30 mars 1992 – UK(32)

Popscene, Mace, Badgeman brown, I’m fine, Garden central

Modern Life Is Rubbish

fortomorrow chemicalworld sundaysunday

For tomorrow

19 avril 1993 – UK(28)

For tomorrow (single version), Into another, Hanging over, Peach, Bone bag, When the cows come home, Beachcoma, For tomorrow (acoustic version), For tomorrow (visit to primrose hill extended)

Chemical world

10 mai 1993 – UK(15)

Chemical world (single version), Young & lovely, Es Schmecht, My ark, Maggie may, Chemical world (reworked), Never clever (live), Pressure on julian (live), Come together (live)

Sunday sunday

4 octobre 1993 – UK(2)

Sunday Sunday, Dizzy, Fried, Shimmer, Long legged, Mixed up, Tell me tell me, Daisy bell (a bicycle made for tow), Let’s all go down the strand


girlsboys totheend parklife eoc


7 mars 1994 – UK(5) – FR(1)

Girls & boys, Magpie, Anniversary waltz, People in Europe, Peter Panic

To the end

31 mai 1994 – UK(19)

To the end, Girls & boys (7″ mix), Girls & boys (Pet shop boys 7″ mix), Threadneedle street, Go yer!


22 aout 1994 – UK(10)

Parklife, Beard, To the end (French version), Supa shoppa, Theme from an imaginary film

End of century

7 novembre 1994 – UK(19)

End of century, Rednecks, Alex’s song

The Great Escape

countryhouse theuniversal stereotypes charmlessman

Country house

14 aout 1995 – UK(1)

Country house, One born very minute, To the end (La comedie), Country house (live), Girls & boys (live), Parklife (live), For tomorrow (live)

The Universal

5 novembre 1995 – UK(1)

The universal, Ultranol, No monsters in me, Entertain me (live it! remix), The universal (live), Mr Robinson’s Quango (live), It could be you (live), Stereotypes (live


12 fevrier 1996 – UK(7)

Stereotypes, The man who left himself, Tame, Lundwig

Charmless man

29 avril 1996 – UK(2)

Charmless man, The horrors, A song, St Louis


beetlebum song2 oyo MOR


20 janvier 1997 – UK(1)

Beetlebum, All your life, A spell for money, Beetlebum (Mario coldato Jr mix), Woodpigeon song, Dancehall

Song 2

7 avril 1997 – UK(2)

Song 2, Bustin’ + Dronin’, Country say ballad man (live acoustic version), On your own (live acoustic version), Get out of cities, Polished stone

On your own

16 juin 1997 – UK(5)

On your own, Chinese bombs (live), Movin’on (live), M.O.R. (live), Popscene (live), Song2 (live), On your own (live)


15 septembre 1997 – UK(15)

M.O.R. (Alan Moulder road version), Swallons in the heatwave, Movin’on (William Orbit remix), Beetlebum (Moby’s minimal house mix)


coffeetv ndltr


22 fevrier 1999 – UK(2)

Tender, All we want, Mellow jam, French song, Song2 (video clip)

Coffee & TV

28 juin 1999 – UK(11)

Coffee & TV, Trad stylee (Alex Bugman remix), Metal hip slop (Graham Bugman remix), X-offender (Damon/control freak’s Bugman remix), Coyote (Dave Bugaman remix)

No distance left to run

15 novembre 1999 – UK(14)

No distance left to run, Tender (Cornelius remix), Battle (Unkle remix), So you, Beagle2, No distance left to run (video clip)

best of


Music Is My Radar

15 octobre 2000 – UK(10)

Music Is My Radar, Black Book

Think Tank

time_cover_big crazyb goodsongsm

Out Of Time

14 Avril 2003 – UK(5)

CD : Out Of Time, Money Makes Me Crazy (Marrakech mix), Out Of Time (Enhanced Section)

DVD : Out Of Time (video) , Money Makes Me Crazy (Marrakech mix), Tune 2, Out Of Time (Director’s Commentry)

Crazy Beat

7 Juillet 2003 – UK(18)

CD : Crazy Beat, Don’t Be, Crazy Beat (Alternative Video)

DVD : Crazy Beat, Don’t Be, The Outsider, 2 Minutes Video Footage

Good Song

6 Octobre 2003

CD : Good Song, Me White Noise (Alternate Version)

DVD : Good Song (video), Me White Noise (Alternate Version), Morricone (+ Photos), Good Song (animation)

Fool’s Day

Fool’s Day

17 avril 2010

45T (7″) limité à 1000 exemplaires / Wav / MP3

Fool’s Day


Under the Westway


Under the Westway

2 juillet 2012

45T (7″) / AAC

Under the Westway

 The Puritan

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