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The special collector edition


Day upon day (live), Inertia, Luminous, Mace, Badgeman brown, Hanging over, Peach, When the cows come home, Maggie may, Esshmecht, Fried, Anniversary, Threadneedle street, Got yer, .Supa shoppa, Beard, Theme from an imaginary film, Bank holiday


Live at the Budokan


Cd 1: The Great Escape, Jubilee, Popscene, End Of A Century, Tracy Jacks, Mr. Robinson’s Quango, To The End, Fade Away, It Could Be You, Stereotypes, She’s So High, Girls & Boys, Advert, Intermission, Bank Holiday, For Tomorrow, Country House, This Is A Low, Supa Shoppa

Cd 2: Yuko And Hiro, He Thought Of Cars, Coping, Globe Alone, Parklife, The Universal


Bustin’ + Dronin’


Cd 1: Movin’on (William Orbit mix), Death of a party (Well Blurred remix), On your own (Crouch end Broadway mix), Beetlebum (Moby’s mix), Essex dogs (Thurston moore’s mix), Death of a party (Billy Whiskers mix), Theme from retro (John Mc Entire’s mix), Death of a party (12″ Death), On your own (Walter Wall mix)

Cd 2: (live at peel acres) Popscene, Song 2, On your own, Chinese bombs , Movin’on, .M.O.R


blur : the best of

31/10/2000 – UE(15) FR-COMP(8)

Cd 1 : Beetlebum, Song 2, There’s No Other Way, The Universal, Coffee & TV, Parklife, End Of A Century, No Distance Left To Run, Tender, Girls & Boys, Charmless Man, She’s So High, Country House, To The End, On Your Own, This Is A Low, For Tomorrow (Primrose Hill version), Music Is My Radar

Cd 2 : Wembley – 12.1999 : She’s So High, Girls & Boys, To The End, End Of A Century, Stereotypes, Charmless Man, Beetlebum, M.O.R., Tender, No Distance Left To Run


Midlife: A Beginners Guide To Blur


CD 1: 1. Beetlebum, 2. Girls & Boys, 3. For Tomorrow, 4. Coffee & TV, 5. Out Of Time, 6. Blue Jeans, 7. Song 2, 8. Bugman, 9. He Thought Of Cars 10. Death Of A Party, 11. The Universal, 12. Sing, 13. This Is A Low

CD 2: 1. Tender, 2. She’s So High, 3. Chemical World, 4. Good Song, 5. Parklife, 6. Advert, 7. Popscene, 8. Stereotypes, 9. Trimm Trabb, 10. Badhead, 11. Strange News From Another Star, 12. Battery In Your Leg


All The People – Blur Live At Hyde Park

23/11/2009 (UK) – 04/12/2009 (FR)

2 doubles albums pour chaque concert (même setlist) : 02/07/2009, 03/07/2009

CD 1: She’s So High, Girls And Boys, Tracy Jacks, There’s No Other Way, Jubilee, Badhead, Beetlebum, Out Of Time, Trimm Trabb, Coffee And TV, Tender

CD 2: Country House, Oily Water, Chemical World, Sunday Sunday, Parklife (avec Phil Daniels), End Of A Century, To The End, This Is A Low, Popscene, Advert,Song 2, Death Of A Party, For Tomorrow, The Universal

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